Monday, January 26, 2009


The Weekend Report:

Nothing too crazy happened but shit happened nonetheless. Sunday the Sons of Norway hosted a kids ski race at Riverside Park. I was asked if I could groom the course. Sure no problem. The plan was to groom Saturday night after work sometime. I bundled up and headed out to groom. The keys for the snowmobile were not where they were suppose to be...shit. After an hour or searching, calls to Alaska (no lie), more phone calls, more searching, and driving I got the keys. It took me about 10 minutes to start the damn thing and I was already cold, not good. A combination of my lack of grooming knowledge, me being pissed off and cold, the condition of the grooming equipment...I was having a hell of a time. A job I thought would take 1.5 hours took be an hour of key searching and 3 hours of grooming. Well there's more. I was so freakin cold I had to stop. I couldn't feel my fingers and I was shaking. Sunday morning I bundled back up and did another 1.5 hours of grooming. I still was not happy with my results but didn't care at the time. I still have sensitive fingers from the cold! I had to work so I didn't get to see the race but, despite the cold, there was a great turnout! Jen brought the girls to the race as well.

Avery didn't race but cheered: "Go Brinna, Go"

Showing off her medal. Brinna had to to the 6-8 year old race since they showed up at 1:01 and the 4-5 year old kids already went. Norwegians, no patience...or is that Belgians?

Out of order, but anticipating the start.

Gathering up the hardware. She has more than me.
And that was the weekend.
If I have not already said, I am sick of the cold. I do still enjoy skiing but the longer the days are getting the more and more excited I am for biking.
Unrelated to much of anything, but the title of this blog, Avery calls my penis a centipede. Every time I go to the bathroom both kids come running. They are fascinated with how I take a leak. I have now started locking the doors. In the shower tonight I had two kids pounding on the bathroom door. I made Avery leave my bedroom before I took my towel off to get dressed.
She said, "yeah and I shut the door. I don't want to see your centipede".
What the hell?


Anonymous said...

Did you get the "screaming barfees" in your hands when they thawed out?

Ben said...

Nope, but close. I went to my parents house at 11:30pm to get my dog. I was doubled over in pain. My mom thought I was nuts...she made me a pot of coffee and that fixed everything.

Speedbuggy said...

Atta girl.
What an ass kicker.