Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Going something.

Just got back from ice skating with the kids. I have not been on skates for at least 20 some years. I honestly cannot remember the last time I laced up some skates. I had a really good time and didn't even fall! Stopping is something I am not too sure on and I do quick little circles every once in awhile and I don't know why. I always used figure skates in the past and now have some hockey skates, maybe that's the reason...or I just suck at it. I really dug it and will do it again soon.
I also skied my longest ski of the year: 5 laps at the North Loop, 4 laps on Orchard, 2 laps on Baltos, and 1 lap on the warm up loop...I think that is about 36-37K but not sure. The weather was great, the trails were pretty good, skis were slow (oh well), Chemical Brothers were crankin, and the body didn't hurt.
Today was a good day.


Speedbuggy said...

Fuckin a Doom.

Hey, so are you still thinking about coming down to see the Murphys?

I'd love to get together n crack some skulls in the pit.

Ben said...

Hell yeah I'm up for some DKM. Can't do Flogging Molly.
I need to find my knee braces.

Kyia said...

Blades of Glory featuring Will Ferrell will probably have some tips for the ice skating!