Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Musical Beds

What a night. It started with Avery, sleep walking I think, to Brinna's bed and crashing there around 10:00. In the early morning hours Brinna was whimpering, has a cold, so she was in our bed then later I carried her to her bed...but I had to lay there for awhile. Next came Avery. She was in our bed kicking, talking, tossing, etc. I carried her to her bed and again I laid there for awhile. Around 5 am I made it back to my bed to have the alarm go off 45 minutes later.
Getting the kids ready this morning Avery puked all over her jacket, shirt, and a rug. Fun stuff. She sucks so much snot in she gags and pukes. Kids rule!
Still hit the trainer and now to the gym. Hoping the kids can make the day at school and daycare.
Downing fluids and Out.

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tman said...

Ben, you haven't lived till they puke ON you. Parent on!