Friday, January 23, 2009

Slumgullion Stew...or Hodgepodge, if you prefer

Last night Avery woke up crying with a nasty cough and sore throat. I laid with her a couple of times till she fell asleep. Every time I attempted to get up she'd wake up crying. I slept in her room...she won. In the early morning I went back to my room to find Brinna in my spot, screw it and I am staying up. Ahh, kids!

I am meeting Matt at Riverside this morning so he can show me what and where to groom for the Barnnaloppet (sp?) kids race this Sunday. I am pretty sure it would have been a really good turn out but the weather is suppose to suck ass in the cold department so we'll see how the numbers are on Sunday. I work and have the kids Saturday so I will be grooming in the late night hours or the early morning hours. Just received word from the city that it's ok this weekend to shoot any snowboarders, walkers, or sledders on the ski trails. Ready, aim, fire!

I am still deciding if I am going to ski after meeting with Matt or ride the trainer and watch "Death Race". Tough choices.

It seems like the blogging community has thrown up its arms and called it quits. I have the same blogs I check and only a couple seem to update anymore...maybe blogging is on it's way out. Hell, I really have nothing good to say and look how much I already have, and it's not about biking like the title would lead you to believe. Poser.

Speaking of biking, I want a new road bike. The last new road bike I got was the Trek Madone 5.9 when I raced...ha! That was like 3 or 4 or more years ago and I sold the bike 2 or more years ago. I really would like the Cannondale Supersix Hi-mod 1 with the new DA 7900 but the price is up there and Jen laughed at the price when I told her. I am usually an optimist but that doesn't seem to be the response I would have liked. I have a few bikes I am going to be trying to sell in the next month or so, that should help...and I stick to my rule: fun money stays fun money.

Alright, Jen still isn't up, or Brinna, so it's time to go crack the whip. Ha, that reminds me of Devo!

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