Monday, February 09, 2009

Ahhh Shit...It's Time.

Mid February means one thing for sure, time to get your Chequamegon entry form printed and mailed in. But this is where the dilemma begins. I am not a huge fan of this race/event. The course pretty much blows ass. Up and down rolling, grass hills for 40 miles, fighting morons for position, choking on stupid donut holes, and paying $67 to do so. For some this is the pinnacle of their riding career, they live for this shit. But not me. I will send in my form and if I am unlucky enough to get picked I will show up in September and ride. I would much rather do this or this, but the traveling distance is more than doubled and that throws a monkey wrench into those plans. But one never knows, I won't say never yet.

With all my pleas for some event within a respectable driving distance, and bitching about those that are...maybe I should start my own event. Hmm, nah who am I kidding? That takes a lot of planning and someone (like me) will bitch about something.
So yeah, still looking.

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Speedbuggy said...

Maybe we should start our own long distance race.
Something not just up n down on ski trails.