Thursday, February 05, 2009

Fit as a Fiddle

The visit with the Doc was a good one. He explained all the numbers to me. My bad cholesterol is 63 and they don't start treating you till it gets to 160. My good cholesterol is spot on. Guess I can start eating at Val's again. My blood pressure is that of a teenager, so he says. I asked him about my kidneys so he's running a test on that from the blood I gave last week. He didn't say much but I guess my testicles feel normal and whatever he's feeling for when I cough he didn't that's good, I think. He gave me a tetanus shot that's good for 10 years. My arm hurts like hell. I haven't had a shot like that for a long time.

I still was able to get a hour ski in too before I had to pick the girls up from daycare. Mike groomed a couple night ago and the North Loop was still holding strong. I think Kris and John were going to make some passes on it tonight.

The girls and I made our own pizza's tonight. I think Avery got more sauce and cheese on the floor then her pizza but I was chill and let it go. I'm good like

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Speedbuggy said...

Good hustle outta you Doom.
Glad that you are healthy, wealthy n wise.
And you're lookin good today on top of it all.

During my 1st physical when the doc said cough, I heard, laugh. Needless to say it was an awkward moment.