Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm you missed me.

I got back from the Winter Trade Show in Madison late last night. I could never be a long haul trucker. If so I would be a fat SOB. Nothing but soda and sunflower seeds to stay awake. The show was pretty good. It's always fun to see the new stuff, but somewhat anti climatic since we won't have it in the store for about a year. There was nothing earth shattering for new stuff but I was able to scope out some new lines to fill the holes at the shop.

I saw in the paper we are to get a good amount of snow tomorrow. I have mixed emotions on this. The extended forecast is below freezing so skiing will be good. Time to pull the skis back out...again.
Next week I head to Florida for a week. Hopefully, when I return, all the snow will be gone!

I was scheduled off from work today since I was not to get home till tonight. I hope to squeeze in a little ride, do some laundry and do a night shift at the shop.


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Kyia said...

St. Cloud isn't the same without you, glad you had a safe trip, Trucker Ben!