Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ski Report

Well, I survived skiing out at SJU. I did eat shit 5 times, but I laughed every time. The trails have yet to be groomed so the tips of the skis would get caught under the trail at times. They have some pretty good downhill runs too. I bombed one of the hills twice to only crash twice. I am not sure why I was crashing but I pretty much cleared the trail of any new snow. I had so much snow fly up into my face me teeth got cold.
I am glad I made the decision to ski. It was a good time with the guys and the roads are good and messy.

Tomorrow I head to Madison for the Winter Trade Show. I get to buy all the ski stuff for next year already. Hopefully when I get back the driveway will be melted off. I am going with the not shoveling, but let it melt, method of snow removal.

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