Wednesday, March 04, 2009


On my way home from work today, (worked the short shift). I went by SportClips, did a U-turn and walked on in. With the recent closing of Hooters, I was hoping a lot of the work went over to SportClips. Not the case. SportClips is a hair salon for men, based on a sports theme. I suck at getting my hair cut. Usually my mom or I cut my hair, so I never know what to tell them. I am still trying to let my hair grow out so I said just trim it up a bit. Since it was my first time they gave me the MVP upgrade for free. So I got a cut, shampoo, scalp massage, hot towel on my face, face massage, massage chair, back rub, and a style of sorts. Not bad for $14, I think. I got to watch Sport Center and get a haircut at the same time, sweet.

After the haircut Kyia and I went skiing for what we both hope will be the last time. The skiing was not too bad but we are ready for two wheels and warmer weather. The trails are disappearing and with the warmer weather this week they will be in rough shape without some more snow.

Thanks to all you gave advice on the Garmin Edge purchase. I still don't know. It's a lot of money and Jen is hooked on that, well, so am I. I now believe I will use it, but does that warrant $400?

Tonight I am packing for Florida. In just two days I will be in 80 degree weather for a whole week!

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