Saturday, March 14, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I was asked if I wanted to ride today. Being off the bike, and pretty much out of exercises for a week, I was all for it. But 4 hours was a bit much. Actually, I felt pretty good. The neck got soar and the legs are now tired but that's about it.

While on vacation I had plans of doing some exercises but I am on vacation and wanted to enjoy it. I did a lot of swimming with the girls, pulled the girls in a trailer (all over), and did a lot of walking...but that was it and I was fine with that. Enjoy what you have.

Lance was on the ride, so of course, we had to hit some "grav".

Hey guys, what you think of my periwinkle blue shirt?

Seriously, when you going to shave that thing?

Piss break! I just missed getting a female biker coming at me. She rounded the corner while all 5 of us were relieving ourselves. She was smiling, or maybe laughing.
Good times.


DropGearMaster said...
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DropGearMaster said...

You guys look cold, I only wore arm warmers today. And I mean Only.