Sunday, March 01, 2009


Is it wrong to find these girls hot or that I refer to these caricatures as girls?
Is Hook-Ups even around anymore?
I used to have a Hook-Ups t-shirts. Yeah, I was a poser...I can't skate for shit.
I'm taking a quick brake from wading through the piles of preseason orders. It would be so much easier if I knew we were going to get snow next year.
I waxed my skis yesterday in anticipation of going out skiing today. With the cold temps and my lack of ambition I didn't make it. I ended up at the gym and hopefully on the trainer tonight. Yeah, I'd rather ride inside than ski outside. What's wrong with me?


Jake said...

Dude...I think I that board on the left in high school. I was only poser-ish...I could kickflip. Gotta love hot Asian cartoons

TDogg said...

I still have my Hook Ups sweatshirt that I bought freshman year at st. johns. My first deck that year was also a Hook Ups. Love it...And my wife likes the sweatshirt too...

Speedbuggy said...

I agree with Jake. Something about those hot Asian carton gals that just makes it happen.

Though, I'll admit to not even knowing that "HookUps" were. Apparently I'm too old. My knowledge of skate board came n went with Slimeballs.

Two Wheel Terrorist said...

I think I might have some Hook Ups stickers for the wall somewere around here.