Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now it is season is over.

Yesterday marked the official end of the xc ski season. We put the skis away at the shop and started to fill the space with triathlon stuff. Last night we had the groomers recognition meal. It was a pretty good time. I took a big whiff of the Tripple Trubble beer that Mr. Laumb brewed up. It sure did smell good, no need to taste!

Villanova beat Pitt in a last second shot. March Madness rules. My team, Oklahoma, plays today against UNC. I like UNC more but guess I should cheer for OK.

I initially planned on riding this morning but did not want to get all bundled up. Went to the gym instead. The long term forecast isn't looking too good for outside riding. Maybe I just need to grow a pair.


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