Monday, March 30, 2009


I spoke too soon. Maybe ski season isn't over...shit. Reports vary, but seems we will be getting snow the next couple of days...4"-15", depending where you look...again, shit.

My new bike came in, but looks it won't get outside this week...shit.

I do have something to look forward to, however. I go to the dentist tomorrow morning at 7! I cracked a tooth pretty good. I'm sure it will be capped, crowned, or whatever it is they do. There goes my $$ for the Garmin Edge 705...shit. Gold or silver?


Speedbuggy said...

Silver fo sho.

I hate winter more than anything else right now.

Two Wheel Terrorist said...

Platinum with diamonds fo sho gangsta!

Kyia said...

Get the silver and then make an offer on Stone's Caddy.

the schad family said...

Id just leave it broke. Trailer Park Sheik!