Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I think I am having sympathy pains. Evel suffers from chronic neck and back pain...something about is wife! Anyway, my neck has been feeling funny since FL. The few long rides I have done have made it worse, but manageable. About 4 this morning I rolled over and heard something, or felt something, in my lower neck. Now it really hurts. Ugh. I go in, to the clinic specializing in women and children, today at 1:00.
This is the last week of short work days and the shop too. Today is mine and I hoped to get some hours in on the bike. That is not looking so good. Oh well, maybe now I will put the clothes from FL away.

It sucks getting old. What happens at 40?


Kyia said...

I thought being active was a good thing and then you realize it's a crock of shit when all you do is visit the Physical Therapist for your ailments. It's either the sports industry getting us hooked on these extreme sports for a little adrenaline rush and then we are addicts and we want more and more of it and then we get hurt, then that is where the medical industry is tied to the Sports industry. $$$$ I guess we could get a TV and WII and do everything in a controlled environment and support another industry.

The bottom line is support some industry.

Hope your pain goes away quickly.

Ben said...

Maybe I should drink again!

Slick said...

So are you a woman or a children?