Saturday, March 14, 2009

Vacation...It's Over.

We're back from vacation. It seems like we were gone forever. I was ready to come home. I had a blast but I live for routine and I am ready to get back into one. This was our fourth year going to Sanibel, FL (an island off Fort Myers). This year we had the best weather yet. Mid 80's, sun (no clouds), light breeze, and cool evenings...couldn't have asked for anything more. We even missed the snow and sub-zero weather back in MN!
This was also my first year not drinking. I have to be honest and say it was a lot harder than I anticipated. Not that I had to fight off the urge to drink but that I was constantly reminded of situations when I normally would drink or something seemed to always bring my attention back to drinking and that I can not do it...ever again. It's that "ever again" part that is weird to me, or hard for me to grasp and accept. But it was fine and the trip was so much better, for everyone, without me drinking. I sure did drink a lot of Pepsi Max as a fill in...good stuff.

Below are some pictures from the trip in no particular order.
It's very popular to go "shelling" in Sanibel. Brinna loved it too and has the loot to prove it.

A family photo after one of the many restaurants we visited.

Me out looking for shells during the low tide. The wildlife or sea life was amazing this year. We found many shells with "things" still living in them. Lots of Sting Rays swimming past you...I guess if you step on one it really hurts. I didn't find out.

The kid's, and I, spent a lot of time playing in the sand.

Brinna learned how to play UNO and loves it. You may notice I have my fingernails painted, compliments of Brinna. I have a huge Adam's Apple!

We probably spent the most time in the pool. Both Brinna and Avery achieved so much in the water from the first day to the last, it was amazing to watch.
Today it's suppose to get up to the mid 40's. Not 80 degrees but better than sub-zero. I hope to sneak in a ride, do lots of laundry, and get back to a routine this weekend.
I am very grateful for the crew at Revolution working extra to allow my vacation to happen. Thanks!


Jen said...

I second that--Thanks so much Revo crew! We had an amazing time together and we couldn't have done it without you!

JennaKate said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Your girls are so cute and look like they really enjoyed the vacation too.

As far as the drinking thing, its just one day at a time without alcohol. Thinking about never ever just makes every day harder. Its not easy to go back to an old drinking spot, especially a tropical vacation one, and stay sober. You're very strong and I admire that a lot!