Monday, April 20, 2009

...a 1000 words.

Well again I wanted to add this picture at the bottom but don't have the determination to figure it out. So skip down and start there...or not. I finally got a new bike and have put the Surly Pacer away for the season. I have been getting out as much as I can and love both riding and the bike. The bike is about 10 lbs lighter than the Surly. Picture stolen from Kyia.

A lot has happened since I posted last. Not too sure what all to add so I'll just throw some stuff out randomly and call it being caught up. This past weekend was the EarthDay Half Marathon. Friday was the kids 1k fun run. Avery and I at the finish. She's acting pissed since Brinna took a sip of her Gatorade. I swear it was more than 1k, I was sweating a ton.

An action shot! hair is out of control. We only saw three kids eat shit...meaning they went down on the asphalt.

We have had another Pinarello come and go. This one was pretty sweet...done right with Campy Super Record 11!

Harry so needs one.

We had to get a crazy ass expensive chain tool, but pretty cool. But come on, 24 steps to put on a chain?! I am not exaggerating. Having come in at the right time, another customer ordered up a Super Record 11 groupo...two in a week. Sweet.
This post seems too short but I don't have anything else for you. I need to go and read my book. It's pretty good.


Slick said...

Look at that punkass kid in front of you with the Mohawk and T-Rex shirt!!! He had to have won.

Speedbuggy said...

I wanna know whatcher readin' mister.

Brinna said...

Where are the pictures of me? I did the race too!