Sunday, April 26, 2009

batta bing, batta's monday.

Wow, Friday through Sunday flew by. I was hoping to catch the tail end of Mr. Anderson's Birthday party, but Jen was at a chic concert till 10. Sorry Kris, Happy Birthday.
Saturday was a work day and it was a fast one. Lots of bikes going out and a lot of bikes coming in for repair.
Saturday night Jen, the girls, and I went to the mall. Good times. We got Avery's ears pierced...she was a trooper and not a tear nor cry. She was pretty stoked. I picked up a new fitted baseball cap, Phillies. Still love John Kruck, sp?
Sunday I was planning to ride but didn't feel like battling the rain. Hit the gym and back to work. We open at noon, but had a full parking lot at 11:50, WTF? Pretty much the same as Saturday. To the grocery store, kids get a bath, and now it's time to read and bed.
Man, my life is exciting. If I was drinking over half the stuff I got done this weekend would not have happened, nor wold I be typing right now. A tad over 9 months.

I have the makings of a pretty good mullet. When I wear my new cap it gets accentuated. I'll post a pic later this week to get some good comments.