Wednesday, April 01, 2009


I was pretty stoked to get home today. I ordered up some new earrings, or plugs, if you prefer. I will post some pictures later, but I got Jade, clear, red, and blue. You can't go to Claire's in the mall to get these plugs. You have to go to Hot Topic or a Tattoo Parlor. I have tried several times to go locally. But every time I would go in they would not have my size or offer to order it. Fuck you, I bought them on line and I didn't have to deal with your attitude. I wonder why two shops have closed and another changed ownership...customer service?


Speedbuggy said...

Customer service is for chumps.

Eric said...

I heard somewhere that a "dork" is a whale's penis, but I believe this now to be a phallusy

crashwhite said...

A dork is a dick. Those things in the ears are disks, not plugs. (Plugs go inside the ear to block out noise, OK?) So now your color coordinated!?