Monday, April 06, 2009

Moving Along...

I was slotted to work the 9-5 shift today at work. But last night Brinna started to show signs of a 103 temp. Even I can recognize that! Trying to juggle work, school, sick kid, time to sign the taxes, etc gets to be a trick. I gave Mike a call and he agreed to switch hours with me. Now I work 12-8, or whenever it is my mom can come and relieve me of Brinna duty. Owning your own business has it perks, but I cannot call up and say I can't come in...I would be putting the others in a bind. So far none of us have been too sick to work!

I set the alarm clock for 4:45 am this morning. I thought I'd hit up the gym and get back home before Jen had to leave for shcool. Well, I negotiated with myself that I have not had a day off in some time so I should just sleep in. Oh well, maybe tonight, or maybe not.

Tomorrow I go to the dentist at 7 am for the two crowns. Good way to start the day...spending a $1000 on my teeth. Shit.



Speedbuggy said...

$1000 bucks on yer teeth. You better have have some serious gold in those teeth.

Kyia said...

Your stimulating someones economy... hopefully the dentist shop's @ Revolution, if not tell him about all the new bikes and what not.