Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oofta...is that how you spell it?

Survived the Tuesday road ride! It was a great, but hard time. He had 16 riders...I believe a new record for a Tuesday ride. The ride ended with less and it was a trickle. Lets you know what kind of ride it was.

Going into the ride I found myself a bit nervous. WTF? It's just a group ride. I wasn't sure where my fitness was. I have been riding a lot but nothing hard. I am happy with how I did. I was able to hang with the group for the entire ride. I made my pulls up front, closed some gaps, and pulled some riders back to the group. I was not able to put any big attacks in or hang with small attacks off the front. Oh well, with time. It was fun and look forward to next Tuesday. Thanks for the great ride and thanks "Jimmy" for making me ride on my rivets.

Brinna is still running a bit a a temp so we will see what tomorrow brings. It's my turn to watch her. I love doing it but it's tough when we are slaughtering this month with sales.

Today was a good day.


Eric said...

good to hear about the ride. and no need now to comment on my commment. now I'm nervous about the shop ride... damn. I gotta get into shape.

Eric said...

... I mean, look at me. I look like Ted Knight!

Tom said...


around here you almost can't have a conversation without saying it at least once.

Anonymous said...

"I didn't haffta take out my A.K...."

pooman said...

glad to here the shop is doing good. wish I was back home.

Kyia said...

Uuuuffffdahhhhhh x's 2

Good times, great job with the pulls Doom, you were killing it!

the schad family said...

You were haulin man!