Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Oops...I showed up for a Thursday morning appointment at the dentist this morning. Didn't work out. I'll try again Thursday. Brinna was sporting a 104 degree temp this morning, so I guess it kind of works out I don't have the dentist appointment. But that means no gym or no bike. My mom watched Brinna yesterday afternoon so I could go to work and now she will pick Brinna up at the shop after lunch sometime. Shit, the juggling continues.
If she is sick tomorrow I am making Jen stay home...the school will survive.

Looks like the weather is on the up and up. I hope to start heading out in the early mornings soon. I had hoped to hit up the Thursday group ride but Jen has conferences, so I have the kids and gymnastics to attend. I am anxious to get riding with the group, but give me a few months and I will be wishing for snow. I am so fickle.



cmacheel said...
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Jeffro said...

And this post was removed because the author has no new bike yet but doesn't care because he is heading south!

Speedbuggy said...

Juggling is tough. It is hard for all parties involved.

Xs n Os

Eric said...

so's not having a bike