Friday, May 15, 2009

Doom Goes Boom

Yesterday morning I was going to go for a road ride, but with the crazy wind continuing and cold temps Kris and Kyia brought me mountain biking. Overall it was a great time and much better than the road. I need to hone my "skills" a bit more however. I went down pretty hard at the North Loop...again. Took a dry corner too fast with too much air pressure (yes, again), and slipped out into a tree then the ground. I was a dusty mess with a crunched wrist. All is ok...just have to live with the reminder every time I take that corner with Mr. Anderson..."be careful on this corner" or he'll look back and say, "just checking"! I deserve it!

I have this weekend off and it's time, or finally time, to put my garden in. I'm pretty excited to get it going and start reaping the benefits, starting in a couple months.



Speedbuggy said...

I'm curious if you wiped out in the same spot I wiped out.
When I was out there last weekend I went down pretty hard cause I took a corner fast and I'm pretty sure I also had a shade too much tire pressure in the front tire.
My right new is still sore.

C'est la vie.

Xs n Os hombre.

Kyia said...

Good luck with the garden, make it really big, plant a bunch of stuff and then eat it! I dare you!

Remember: Call before you dig!