Monday, May 18, 2009

Great Weekend.

Going into the weekend I was pretty pissed about the weather. I had plans to get a lot done outside, but wasn't sure if that was going to happen anymore.

Broke out the lawnmower for the first time this year. Started on the 3rd pull! I could see my breathe the whole time I was I didn't sweat!
Cleaned out the Hosta garden of leaves and dead heads. Picked up a load of mulch and some seeds for a garden.
Dropped a load of stuff off at the compost site and picked up some "free" mulch...I ran out.
Went for a bit over two hour ride with Mr. Anderson. It was a good ride and I didn't crash! Mr. Anderson found a pretty good sized Raspberry patch too.
Took the kids to McDonald's and then to the gym to swim.

Up early and out the door for a three hour road ride with Mike and Josh. Gorgeous ride on a gorgeous day. I knew it was going to be nice.
Picked up Mike's tiller and got to work. I thought tilling up a plot of grass for a garden would be easy. No such luck. It took a long time to break all the grass up and pick out the clumps of grass. Finally finished that and put in some onions, radishes, lettuce, spinach, basil, carrots, peas, and beans. Next weekend I will put in some tomatoes and peppers.
Grilled up a pork tenderloin...very tasty.
Cleaned the garage...I should take a picture, it looks awesome. I am starting to think I have "too" many bikes.
The inventory (not all mine):
1.) Surly Steamroller
2.) Surly Karate Monkey
3.) Surly 1x1
4.) Surly Pacer, baby blue...mine.
5.) Surly Pacer, black...Jen's.
6.) Salsa Casserole single
7.) Bridgestone fixed...bad weather bike
8.) Salsa El Mariachi
9.) Gary Fisher Tassajara GS
10.) Cannondale SuperSix
11.) GT Tequesta, Jen's
12.) Felt Cruiser, Jen's
13.) Jamis Daisy, Brinna's
14.) Trek 12", Avery's
16.) Raliegh SC30, mother in-law's

Plus some more at work! Not to forget the Burley trailer, BOB trailer, a trike, two strollers, all the shit normal people keep in their garage, and still no room for a car.

A good weekend.


Anonymous said...

It is funny you are complaining about to many bikes because it just so happens I am currently accepting donations of any bikes that start with the name Surly,Salsa, or Cannondale.


Speedbuggy said...

That is too many bikes.
I'm apparently in the minority, but I've never been one to have a ton of bikes. I max out at about 5 (which we have now).
I could stand to ditch the cruiser, but since it's at my parent's house I figure, why?

Anyway, just my two cents.

Jen said...

What do you mean, Darren--you don't want my GT Tequesta?!

DropGearMaster said...

Jen I would but the size would be all wrong. You gotta set limits...sorry.