Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Shit...a week since the last post! Maybe I'll change the title to the Tuesday Group Ride Recap.

Well I did go mtn biking the first time this year on Monday. About the third turn I went down fast but nothing hurt. After that I had a blast. I miss mtn biking and the bugs are not too bad yet. Maybe I will do more of this for awhile.

I wasn't sure if the Tuesday ride would happen. Lots of wind and looming rain. Three people showed up so it was on. Charlie, John, Ben and I drilled it into the wind down to Fairhaven then cut over to PowderRidge. The wind was nuts. I don't think I have ever been out on a bike in that kind of wind. It was constant! Not wanting to ride on Hwy 15 we hit up some "grav" (making Matt happy). It turned out to be much longer than we thought. It was a cross wind so it tended to blow the bike out from under you. Once we turned the corner on some asphalt it was go time. Charlie and I took turns pulling at the front. We ran out of gears! It was a nice reward after fighting the wind.
I'm glad we was pretty fun. If I went by myself it would have sucked ass. Something about suffering with others makes it a bit more tolerable!


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Anonymous said...

I no longer feel remorse for you and your MN wind until you experience some OK WIND. Heop the shoppa and all are having a good summer