Tuesday, March 26, 2013


While this week is nothing super crazy there are enough speed bumps to make this week a juggling act.  We don't have a set schedule at work but more times than not I work noon-8 on Wednesday.  It has become that I expect it.  Even told a rep I wouldn't be in till noon this Wednesday.  But yep, morning shift!  There goes that ride.

Yesterday was a noon-8 shift but Brinna had a music concert at school.  I did get out early for old faithful (county road 8 loop).  Nothing crazy, 1.75 hours. 
Jen is dropping off all the kids today so I can get out a bit earlier for a 2 hour ride before work this morning.
Tuesday Night Rides have been a bust for March, weather and prior commitments being the reason.  A couple may go out tonight but shooting for April as the official start.  I'm on kid duty tonight so Jen can get recertified in driving a big 'ol van for school.

I got to play mechanic yesterday at work!  It's been awhile.  I really like getting dirty and running through bikes.  Now is a really fun time too.  Bikes are coming in more rapidly but the riders aren't freaking out about a 2 day turn around..."take your time".  But I know soon enough bikes will be dropped of with the want them being done yesterday...I get it, that's why I have several!  Couple that with customers coming in and wanting to buy new bikes (awesome!) and things get a little crazy in the bike shop world.  But it's all part of the game.  It's what make Minnesota retail fun.

Time to dress.


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