Thursday, March 14, 2013

I Got Up On Time!

Sun, outside, 3 hours, and butt ass ride yesterday.
The start of the ride was 7 degrees and warmed up to 12 by the end.  The sun felt great and the wind was down.  It felt oh so good to get out on the bike after a week off.
The last 45 minutes I froze, for whatever reason.  I took a hot shower, drank coffee, started the car early for work, sat in the car at work with the heat on high, and I was still cold.  I haven't gotten that cold all season and I was dressed for it too.  Must mean I'm more than ready for spring.
But it's currently snowing outside...blah.
Hoping to get another good ride in today after work at noon.  My short day.  Not sure how much snow we're suppose to get.  Looks like snow the next few days.
May have to give in and go skiing in March!


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Kyia said...

Yeah, the skiing is awesome! Keeps you warmer than riding. Amo has been doing a great job w/ the skate deck and the classic tracks!