Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Not much to report on yesterday but I will somehow type out a couple paragraphs to waste some of your time.
In the morning I hit the gym for an hour.  Warm up on the Elliptical followed by a Kettle Bell session with some lunges.

Off to work.  The weather has people down.  Customers coming in are complaining, almost as much as me, about the endless winter.  It will change and the flood gates to bicycle repair will open.  While I can't wait for that I also dread the thought of 20+ repairs due for the next day.  I hope to ease into it!

Off to our tax appointment.  Success was achieved!  Picked up the kids and went off to Mongo's.

That essentially wraps up my Tuesday.

Noon start time today so I'm planning a ride after I get the kids to school and daycare.  Another fat bike day.  Not sure how the trails are but plan on just riding.

While I was on the roster at TransIowa (April 27-28), I was beginning to have doubts of fitness and worried about leaving work during a "busy" time, I questioned (seriously) if I would do it or not.  Well last night I sent in my meal request so I'm officially in!
My only goal is to finish.  This is the only race (that I remember of) that I quit.  A little redemption I guess.  Praying, hoping, dancing, lighting candles that the weather will be nice!


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