Monday, March 18, 2013

Snow Day.

Sunday morning I got up early and contemplated going back to bed but pushed myself out for a ride. The part pushing me back to bed was the temperature at -9!
Whatever, dress the part and all will be fine. It was, actually great. To the Mukluk out on some trails. They were set up great making the going smooth.
Ended with 3 hours. As fun as it was I'm ready for some warmer weather and gravel adventures.

That will have to wait. School was canceled today! The wind is picking up to 40+ mph. Oh March you taunt us.
I was scheduled to work today but took the day off once school was canceled. Shoveled the driveway, removed snow from the back roof, cleaned up some stuff, tons of laundry...
Man work is easier!

The photo was from my Sunday ride. A year ago we almost hit 80!

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