Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring has Sprung?

Oh the irony.
Yesterday was the first day of spring and some of the best fat biking on snowmobile trails I've ever had!
The wind was out of the NW so I headed up on the river road and eventually on my way to Rice.  Before Rice I jumped on the trails hoping they would be suitable for biking.  Damn...they were groomed!  It appeared only a couple of snow machines had been on the trail since grooming, meaning there was a nice sidewalk for me to ride on.  With the wind whipping so much there was some drifting in spots the required walking but beyond that the conditions were awesome.

It was one of those days I wanted to keep riding.  Everything was just clicking and feeling good.  But work loomed so I bailed on the trail past hwy 23 and made my way home on roads and into the rediculous wind.  Seemed to take forever to get anywhere.  Fat Bikes are like sails.
Ended with 3.5 hours.

Yes it was fun and yes I will most likely go take advantage of it again BUT I really long for warmer days that require less clothing.


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