Monday, April 01, 2013

3 Days?!!!!

Friday was a planned day off.  I rode long on Thursday and planned a 4 hour ride Saturday morning before work at 10.  But solid rain thwarted those plans.  Then Easter brought a trip down to Marshall and back leaving me with 3 days of no riding.

Rest is good and I feel ready to go.  Hoping for a big week of riding.  On paper it looks plausible, but with a business and three kids plans change quickly.  I'm learning to roll with it.  I'm getting better but freak out a bit still too!

Have today off, actually only day off for the next two weeks...tis the season!  Initially I thought I'd get some big hours in today but settling for 3 instead.  Getting a late start...cuddled with the kids.  Hope to be home for lunch and activities.

No April Fools jokes here.  Not a fan.  My parents and sister wrecked it for me.  They got me too many times.  Left me crying.  I wake up crying every April 1st!

Enjoy your day...only going to warm up from here!


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