Saturday, April 13, 2013


I am not exaggerating when I say I usually don't get sick much.  But this year has been a "special" one!  I'm down and out with a wicked head cold, again.  It has encompassed my whole body.  I can sometimes push on through it and continue riding, etc but not this time...and it really doesn't seem worth it.  It would be one thing if it was sunny and 60 out but having just recieved 10+ inches of snow it's not too appealing. (in all honesty the roads are pretty dry for riding, but shhh...don't tell me)
I am feeling a bit sorry for myself that the Ragnorok is today and a solid ride is leaving the shop today while I wouldn't be a post without my pity party showing up.  Yep, no riding but still get to work!
Just read in the STC Times that Sunday could net us 6-9 more inches if the temp stays cool enough!  Damn.
I'm looking forward to a healthy next week full of riding and less snot. 
Just finished up my 4th month of vegan living.  It's now just common practice.  Being a bit under the weather has left my self control at the curb however.  I gave it my all last night to feed a cold.  Too many sweets, damn again. 
Why am I always all or nothing?!

Ride on my friends.

Ride on.

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