Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Showers, er Snow.

OK I promise no more complaining about the weather, that seems to be everywhere...but for good reason! I'll save my complaining for tomorrow's post.

St. Cloud didn't see any moisture yesterday, even though predicted (somethings never change).  I got out for a bit over 3 hours of chilly, blustery wind battling.  Despite less than stellar conditions I had a blast.  I guess getting a ride in when I didn't think I could makes me a happy guy!

Turns out the snow is suppose to hold off till later tonight.  Sweet...another ride before work!  Nope.  Found out last night our daycare would be closed today, as the provider has a tweaked back.  It's Harper and I till a bit after lunch, then my parent's take over.  Man, having your folks a mile away (and retired) sure is helpful!  Thanks!
Thought about getting up super early and hitting the trainer but really, why?  Day off's the new me...for now!

If the snow does truly accumulate I will take a Fat Bike out tomorrow after work and bust around town with a smile on no doubt.

Ride on!


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