Thursday, April 11, 2013


Wow, bitch about the snow all week and once it comes I'm running around the house all crazy like with a smile on my face.  I know this does nothing to help the shop but damn I get so excited when it snows.  Even school is canceled today!
Whatever...I still hope it melts fast and we can get on with Spring and Summer.

Not sure on my plans for the day.  With school closing all kinds of chaos has been unleashed.  Jen was suppose to leave today on an overnight State Knowledge Bowl trip this morning.  The status of that is in limbo.  I work my short shift, till noon, and usually go out for a ride.  I may be with the kids, I may be on my Pugs romping through the snow (maybe pulling the kids?!), I may be in the basement shedding water weigh, or I may be on the couch watching a movie.  Going with the flow, anything else and I'll get all weird and such.

While the Trans Iowa still lingers in my mind I'm super glad I made the decision I did.  I would be such a mess right now trying to figure out rides.  Good call Ben.
I still have a good season of riding and racing ahead.  Up next is the Alexander on May17th.  381 miles of hilly gravel, traversing 3 states!  I'm pretty excited for this one.  I'm treating it more like an overnight camping trip bookended by a couple hundred miles.
After that I have the Dirty Benjamin and the Chequamegon 100 in June.
July is free...I think.
August brings SSUSA and the Rusty Ride 100.
September is the Inspiration 100.

Then it's on to Cross and Fat Bike season.
First things first, lets find summer.


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Steve Fuller said...

You should come down to IA for the Guitar Ted Death Ride in July.