Thursday, April 18, 2013

Da, Da, Daaaa...more snow.

Outside, getting the paper, this morning I heard the birds of spring/summer singing their tunes.  A bit ironic as it snowed a tad overnight and 6 more inches are supposedly on the way.  Maybe the songs were songs of WTF.
Oh well...time to embrace it.  Short shift today so ride at noonish.  Thinking of taking a fat bike out and getting messy!  Then hopefully time to clean the rig and put away for a bit.  Yes I know they are year round bikes and I do use them as such.  Need to remove the winter's worth of salt however.

I was hoping to take my road bike off the trainer and out for the first time this Saturday.  Not looking so good.  Hopefully this snow melts fast.  Otherwise it will be on the Foundry.

Yep, I snagged a Foundry Auger recently.  Having never had a carbon bike as my gravel grinder I thought I'd give it a whirl.  I know, rough, but someone has to do it.
Have to say I was surprised by the overall comfort of this rig.  It eats up the bumps and rocks awesomely.  On my Tuesday ride I think I've finally nailed the fit down so it's ready for it's first c-note, (century).  Maybe Saturday!
Pic's and more info in a later post.


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