Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Crash.

I was a bit wrong about the road conditions yesterday.  Out my front window they didn't look too bad, but just outside of town and the shoulder turned to ice.  It was a bit nerve racking.  Big idea Ben came to the conclusion that gravel would be better so I hit some up.  No more than 10 minutes later did I hit the deck, hard and fast.
With not regard to myself I jumped up and examined the bike.  First crash on the Auger.  Rear der, pedal, and shifters took some scratches but that's it.  The first is always the hardest. 
After that stretch I stayed to pavement.
As the sun rose higher the melting started.  The bike and myself were getting soaked and in turn covered in ice.  Better than the trainer but frustrating nonetheless.  Kept thinking of warmer days!
Ended with 3.5 hours.

Heading out this morning too.  Most likely a similar ride but heading south instead of north...wind switch.

I'm a tad more tired this morning.  Got a call from Mike last night that the alarm at work went off.  Some genius tossed rocks through a window.  Really?!  So we spent a couple hours cleaning up the glass and boarding up the window.  Nothing frustrates me more than crap like this.  Wish like hell they were still lurking around when the cops showed up. 
The cost of doing business I guess.

Nothing a nice ride can't fix.

Ride On.

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