Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Fresh Legs.

Well I'll be...
A few days off the bike (actually a few days off of everything) has me feeling primed and ready to go.  I got out for 3 hours yesterday morning.  The legs felt fresh and required little warm up to feel good.  Maybe I've learned something here! 

The gravel is riding great.  A bit soft on the sides but pretty much moisture free.  Guessing all the frost isn't out so once it really warms up it may turn soft and messy but ya never know.

Cooler day on tap but 50's (and wind) on Wednesday followed by a mixed bag.  Let's go already.  I worked last Saturday when the temp was in the 50's and the sun was shinning.  Amazing what that does for the bike industry in the northern states!  We were busy!  Tons of repairs came in...I know what I'll be doing today.  I'm still digging getting grease under my fingernails.  I do have a couple of "winners" on tap so we'll see if that excitement is still there this afternoon!


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