Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Heat and Sun are on the Way!

So last Friday was a snow day, the last!, and hopefully my last day on the trainer too.  Crazy how fast things can change this time of year as well. 
Saturday morning I was out riding dry streets and fast gravel.  As the day wore on the gravel became softer and messier.  I eventually stuck to the pavement but did get the first half of the Dirt Bag course ridden, year one.
After that I made my way to Buffalo, Maple Lake, and eventually home for my first century on the Foundry Auger.  I'm becoming to really love that bike!

Sunday I (Revolution) had a booth at the Sustainability Expo so not really time to ride.  Got out for a 5 mile run.  Wasn't bad but not great either...prefer trail running.  That and after two months of a plant based, whole foods diet (vegan) I decided to ease back into my previous life with some dairy the night before!  Had a bit of a messed up stomach!  All is good now.

Yeah I'm done with the Vegan life.  I actually liked it and will still incorporate a lot of it in my everyday life but not being able to eat Greek yogurt, eggs, lean meat, fish, etc got to me.  I learned a lot and came away with the knowledge one can be vegan and live an endurance lifestyle.
Overall I lost about 15 lbs.  While not the primary goal it was definitely an objective.

Hitting the road again this morning.  Not as much snow fell as predicted so should be just fine.

70's by Sunday?!


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Wax4Today said...

I believe you are now considered to be fully freegan