Saturday, April 06, 2013

Hold On Little Doggie.

It should go without saying but both the North Loop and Plum Creek (River Bluffs) are still closed.  I too am super excited to get out but riding now or in the near future will only damage the trails pushing back the official opening.  Hate to say it but I'm guessing May sometime.  The price we pay for a good ski year!
But hey, maybe in late October we won't be bored of our trails since our start time wasn't as early?!

In other news I have TOO MANY BIKES!  What?  No such thing?  Yeah I agree n+1, right?!  But truly I went a bit crazy the past 6-7 months with bikes and bike stuff in general.  Now that the dust has settled from my craziness I have to move some stuff.  It's going to be hard to decide what to move and what to keep.  Painful choices indeed!

More craziness: I ran for an hour on a new treadmill at Midtown Fitness and loved it.  Huh?  Yep, good stuff.  Set the pace fairly slow and watched Sportscenter/ESPN.  No pain anywhere.  Well my legs are damn tight this morning but that's what you get for running less than once a month.  Liked it so much thought about running again this morning, but the knees Ben, save the knees.  Kettlebells and lunges instead.  The predicted rain/snow isn't here...damn, should have rode.  Oh well.

Have a great weekend.
Ride On.


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