Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Holy Crap!

The 10 day forecast has us almost hitting 60!  But first we have to get through the predicted 2-6" of slush tomorrow and Thursday.
Sun and 40 today.  Riding outside...can't wait.
I did ride the trainer for 1.5 hours yesterday.  Honestly, not as bad as I thought.  Not great...but not bad.  Ran some errands and hit the gym up a bit too before work.  Not a bad Monday.

Sram has officially released info on their 11 speed groups (Red and Force) and also hydraulic drop bar brakes (both rim and disc).
I'm sure it works fine and feels like butter, but as someone who does mechanic work, this is not a good idea.  The number of people that don't know they can move their standard rim brakes side to side to eliminate rubbing after removing/installing the front tire is staggering.  Can only imagine the issues with hydraulic disc brakes!
But remember I'm the guy that doesn't like over sized headtubes, tapered forks, pressfit BB, etc.  I'm only 37!

Ride on.

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