Friday, April 26, 2013

It's Friday!

So far it's been a good week for riding.  I've been able to get out the last three days for about 3.5 hours each day.  Yesterday I actually took the Salsa Colossal off the trainer and rode outside for it's maiden voyage!  It didn't disappoint. 

It is funny how a bike can fit differently on the trainer than out in "real" life.  I did some tweaking on the ride and have it pretty much dialed in.  Carbon, titanium, and 28mm tires provided for a plush ride.  I predict some long hauls with this bike in the future.
It was also a first for wearing just leg warmers, bib shorts, long sleeve jersey, and wind vest.  That too feels pretty liberating.  65 degrees predicted for today!  Let the melting on the mtb trails begin!

Ride On.


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