Sunday, April 14, 2013

Models for Hire.

New Shop Haircut!
Yesterday was a good sign for the shop.  Cool, windy, wet, and snowy conditions couldn't keep people away!  We sold several bikes ranging from entry level hybrids up to full suspension 650b's!  Fun day.
But man am I getting old...I was zapped at the end.  It was busy enough I didn't get to eat till 3:30 and that was achieved in 5 minutes.  The 'ol legs need some down time.
While I'm feeling better the head body cold still lingers, not helping things.
I work today as well.  It's trying to snow and really blowing.  Thinking of hitting the trainer up a bit, but than again...
Looking at next week to get back on it.  The snow and this cold kind of screwed the current week for me, both riding and eating.
A little bummed I work the next couple of Tuesday Nights.  I haven't made a Tuesday Night Ride yet.  Looks like May for me.  Hope those guys will wait up for me!

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