Monday, April 15, 2013

Social Media Battle.

Ride the trainer or ride outside?
The battle rages on Facebook and Twitter!

Usually for me this is an easy answer...ride outside.  But after a long winter of riding outside in all kinds of weather I'm fed up.  I no longer want to pull on clothing for 15 minutes before a ride.  I just want to ride.  So yesterday morning I headed down to the basement for an 1.5 spin.

A downside to riding the trainer is it's never as long as outside.  Yesterday I was watching a pretty good movie but could hear the family running around upstairs goofing off.  I decided 1.5 hours was enough and went upstairs and hung with the family for an hour and half before upside to riding the trainer!

Today is up in the air.  Leaning towards finishing the movie and another 1.5 hours downstairs.  May change once I get outside and see the actual road status on my way to dropping the kids off at school.

The rest of the week isn't looking too stellar in the weather department.  I'm about 95% over my head cold so plan on more riding this matter the weather...inside or matter the beating I get from Skarpol on Facebook!

Ride On.

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