Friday, April 19, 2013


April 19th and isd742 just canceled school...this never happens and it's been twice this month already!  Not sure what my problem is.  I should really be pissed about this snow, and on some levels I am.  But 10" of new snow is pretty damn cool too...for a day.  It can all be gone tomorrow and we'll be riding in shorts, right?!

Yesterday I worked till noon.  Leaving work the snow had started to really come down in big, wet flakes at a rapid clip.  Stopped off at the movie store and picked up a mindless action flick.  Of course I put it out on social media, only to get ridiculed for not riding outside.  Whatever.  But as I sat on the couch wolfing down leftover chili I noticed the snow let up.  Hmm...
OK I'll ride outside. 
Three hours would be the absolute max as I had to pick up the kids.  Well about 15-20 minutes out the rear tire went soft to flat.  Damn. 
Digging through my seat bag I noticed my multi-tool was missing.  Not good since I need a wrench to remove the rear single speed wheel.  Double damn. 
Tossed some CO2 in and got a minute closer to home before it was all flat again.  Spent the rest of the way home standing up grinding gears.  The legs were loving this after lunges and dead lifts in the morning!
Back home, in the basement, I was spinning my legs watching the movie I should have done from the get go!

Time to shovel...only the end of the driveway.  The rest can melt.

Ride on...yeah right!


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