Monday, April 08, 2013

Where's Da Sun At?

The running on Friday and the kettlebells/lunges have me sore...still!  But it's that "good" sore.  The thought of running again this morning crossed my mind but may save that for tomorrow when 100% chance of rain is predicted.  Today's schedule is tight so not sure about a ride.  It may or may not happen.  Gym this morning.

Saturday, while at work, I got a text from Jen that both she and Harper were sick.  Harper having blowouts and Jen blowing chunks.  Turns out Brinna was sick too at her Grandma's.

I planned an early morning ride on Sunday but scrapped that and hung out with Harper while Jen slept.  My stomach was a bit twisted.  That's how it started for Jen so I was nervous.  But that's as far as it go for me.  I was scheduled to work Sunday too but we had 3 others on and felt bad leaving Jen home with an active 11 month old.  So into work early, once I got Harper down for the morning nap.  Pounded out 5 repairs and came home.  Per Jen's suggestion I got a 2 our ride in when Harper went down for her afternoon nap.  Felt great to spin the legs.
Then it was off to Big Lake to pick the older girls up from the train station.  They took the train from Coon Rapids.
Kind of feel like today should be an off day and we can all crawl back into bed!

The weather for this entire week looks rather, well...shitty.  More than ready for some consistently nice days.


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