Thursday, May 09, 2013

A Change for the Better.

I've said it before that the Salsa Fargo is one of my favorite bikes, which it still is.  But it wasn't until yesterday that I waded through the sea of crap in my garage to the back hook to retrieve the Fargo.  A few pumps of air and it was ready to go!

My route was nothing special as I've done it many times before.  But noteworthy is the comfort of the ride.  Different geometry and wider (40mm) tires left me pain free.  It's been too long.  That bike rocks.  I tell myself it's not the fastest bike but my average speed (not that I pay too much attention to that) was a bit higher than normal too.  Other factors, such as wind, play a role in that as well.

Another Thursday means another short day, 9-noon.  Was hoping for a ride but I'm bringing Brinna to the eye doctor.  She's super bummed she may need glasses.  Kid's can be mean.
Looks like another gym day.  Maybe a quick run after work and before I get Brinna and Avery at 2.  But then again, there are lots of repairs...!!

I made the call to pull back from the Alexander (380+ miles) and do the Almanzo (100 miles) for a few reasons:
  • not feeling prepared mentally and physically
  • time off from work is limited and feel guilty taking 3.5 days and not being with the family
  • kind of want to see the start line of 1000+ riders for a free gravel ride!  A lot of the festivities that go along with the Almanzo series are missed when doing the Royal and Alexander.
Not sure why but I've become focused on getting family time in.  I've done so much riding in the past that I feel I've missed a lot and/or put undue stress on Jen too.  Just a bit of refocusing.  I'll be back!

Ride On.

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