Tuesday, May 07, 2013

A Recap of Not Much.

Well last week was a wash for riding...only got out once!  I did get two trail runs in and some gym time but the amount of time needed for riding just wasn't available.  It was Birthday Week (Harper and Avery) after all!

Friday I did my second trail run of the week at the North Loop.  I was happy to see how much it dried up in only a few days.  Even with the rain on Saturday I'm thinking it may be go time pretty soon.

Saturday I worked.  After work we went out to eat at NY Gyro and then on to the Skating Place.  I haven't had skates on since I was Avery's age.  I didn't want to go but ended up having a blast.  We will go back!

Sunday was the family Birthday Parties for Avery and Harper.  I was up early cooking food for the taco bar.  The party was fun and a success.  I had time to get a short ride in but went to the park with the kids instead.  Followed that up with some raking of the front yard...exciting I know.

Yesterday was a gym day.  Currently I'm thinking of hitting up the Tuesday Night Ride, but I have been known to change my mind!  I've yet to make one this year.  Work or family commitments have been abound this season.  I'm torn as the kids start swim lessons again and for some reason I like going. 
But the Alexander is in two weeks and I feel highly unprepared, this snuck up on me way too fast.  I will just have to rely on my winter legs.


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Kyia said...

Perfect timing w/ a good taper! You'll be flying I am sure.