Wednesday, May 15, 2013

All In One Breathe.

Whoa...tis the season, time is flying by.  Almost a week since my last post.
Work continues to be busy and in turn, fun!  Last Saturday was one of the most fun times I've had at work...even without a ride!
Sunday was Mother's Day but Jen pushed me out the door for a short ride.  Felt great to get out.  Followed this up with brunch at my folks house.  Too good.
Later Jen, the girls, and I went for an hour hike.  Pretty neat how much they liked it.  Nabbed a few wood ticks...again: tis the season.

Monday before work and yesterday after work I got some laps in at the North Loop.  So fun the first few times out.  It's nice to break up the road or gravel with some dirt.
Hitting the gravel today for on last run before the Almanzo on Saturday.  Very excited for this race.

FYI: Monday the 20th we, MMCC, will be doing trail work at Plum Creek/River Bluff Trails at 5:30.  Please come and help clear and mow the trails.   A potential club meeting is slotted for 8 after, more on that later.


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