Thursday, May 02, 2013


Despite the March like weather I got out on May Day for a 3 hour ride.  I was actually comfortable and had a good time.  Just wish I was able to do it with less clothing on!

Home, shower, and off to Avery's music concert at school.  It's pretty cool to see a group of kids so excited to perform.  Even better the room as packed with parents and grandparents.  That's pretty good for Talahi.

Then it was off to work.
I officially have mechanic hands.  Stiff joints, grease in every crevasse, cracked skin near ever nail, and chain ring punctures...and I love it!  After the first nice stretch of days the shop is always slammed pulling me into full time mechanic duty.  The issue is balancing that with other things I need to do...which I'm not too good at.  So in early this morning to play catch up.  Today is also my 9-noon day but guessing I'll be there longer...a good problem to have.  Most likely no ride for this guy.  Meh, it happens!

Ride On.

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