Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting a bit Dirty!

Wow, do I love mountain biking!  Had a blast yesterday morning.  Hit up the River Bluffs and Plum Creek first.  The conditions are shockingly good.  With all this rain the grass is soon to take over.  Rumor has it a trail day is planned for Plum Creek in June.

From there I headed back over to the North Loop.  Ran into Tom and later Nate.  It was great riding with others.  The typical spots are pretty muddy but it appears that may be our spring and possibly summer.
Ended with 2.5 hours.  Love mountain biking and I love my Salsa Selma single speed. 

Work was busy with repairs.
Heading in early to finish up some projects that need to get done.
My Grandpa passed away yesterday so Friday and Saturday will be down in Marshall for the wake and funeral.  Lots has to happen in a short amount of time today...GO!
He lived a long life, 92 years!  I'm sad but really 92 years is a long life to live.


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