Friday, May 31, 2013

Grandpa Doom.

My Grandpa Doom passed away this week.  He was 92 and lived a great life.  While it's sad he is gone, he was battling Parkinson's, so 92 is pretty damn was time.
Shortly the family and I will head down to Marshall, MN (my home town) for the services.  It's been a long time since all the Doom's have gotten dad is the oldest of 12.  It should be a good time remembering how he affected us all.

With this and work still cranking my plan to jump back on the riding wagon was as productive as I hoped.  Oh well.  I did get out for 3.5 hours this morning on the Salsa Ti Colossal.  I am loving that bike.  The more I ride the more I get used to it and appreciate what it has to offer.  It begs to go on and on.  With more time I hope to do as it begs.

Back in Cloud on Sunday.  Maybe a morning ride before work.  Next week is our Anniversary Sale starting Thursday thru Sunday.  Lots to do before that.  Man mid June before I know it!  Yeah and Brinna turns 10 on the 9th! 

Dirty Benjamin June 15th and Chequamegon 100 June 22nd.  OK July 4th before I know it.  Yep cross season is around the corner than bring on the snow and fat biking!  Ha, I know...not yet.


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Kyia said...

Sorry to hear about your grandpa.